GREAT GOURDS was founded by Nancy Hardesty as a website where gourd enthusiasts of all backgrounds and levels of experience can come together and share ideas and inspirations. The website features a gourd links page, a member map, a featured artist gallery, and a page for tips and tutorials! Highlights of our year are the exchanges where members who wish to participate draw a name for a secret partner, and make a gourd following the theme of the exchange for that person. The photo below shows the Christmas Exchange ornaments sent from Patricia L to Susan L.

CLUB GOURD is the e-mail group for Great Gourds and has been in existence since June 13, 1999. The daily e-mails keep members in contact with lively discussions,  an easy way to ask questions, and a great forum to share our good gourd news.  We moved a couple of times and are once again at Yahoogroups. Our group has many fine artists in our membership. Always a caring and family oriented group which share their love of gourds with those who wish to join us. If you need technical assistance with the e-mail list please email Lyn or Bev.

     On Wednesdays, members are invited to offer items for sale -- just put WBW (stands for "Wacky Business Wednesday") in the subject line of your e-mail, and be sure to include your e-mail address for off-list transactions.

     Our group maintains a prayer list; please contact  Darlene if you have an addition. Lisa is our hospitality chairman who cheerfully acknowledges our birthdays and anniversaries, so let her know your special dates.

PEOPLE PINS help us recognize other members in person at gourd gatherings across the country. Copy, resize to suit your needs and use these as pins at the shows to let people know you are a Club Gourd member. Other groups have gourd shapes for pins and they all look alike. Our pins will be more noticeable and best of all they are so cute! Paint, woodburn and decorate your way. Print the photo and use as a pattern. Hair color is up to you, too -- this photo is just a suggestion. To copy this photo double click then when the full size appears, right click on the photo and use the "save as" command to transfer the image a folder on your computerr. This is the only photo on the site you have automatic permission to copy. You may use for club pins, ornaments, etc. Enjoy!

~~artwork in title graphic and "people pins" by Nancy Hardesty~~