Big Prairie, Ohio

(Mari)Lyn started growing gourds as a child and when the dried hardshells began to accumulate in the family basement, her father Leslie Miller started to carve them with a wood gouge, using his expertise as a mathematician to lay our intricate geometric designs. His carved gourds became well-known in the Ohio Gourd Society -- and have even decorated the Whitehouse Christmas Tree! The technique of chip carving is easily learned, and gourdcraft became a hobby that has spanned three generations: Lyn taught all three of the Rehm children to carve as youngsters, and John proved to be a apt pupil as an adult. Ivy Hill Farm specializes in growing vine crops, and the winter months provide the time to produce birdhouses (our specialty), bowls, and baskets from the previous season's crop. 

We really enjoy working all summer with the growing vines, but there is something even more rewarding about harvesting the crops and seeing all the bright colors, shapes and sizes together!

Another very worthwhile aspect of the gourdwork at the farm is the opportunity to meet with others who are interested in learning about gourds and craftwork. Lyn is always happy to present "Homegrown Birdhouses" which showcases gourd birdhouses for wrens, bluebirds, and purple martins, with tips on proper size and placement of the birdhouses. A more generalized program on "Gourdcraft" features many different articles decorated by painting, and woodburning as well as carving. Lyn also teaches gourd carving to individuals and through a variety of classes.

Ivy Hill Farm, (John and Marilyn Rehm), 5725 CR 51, Big Prairie, OH 44611, (330) 674-7890
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