Mohawk Creek Paint & Quarter Horse 2004 Live Breeding Contract

CONTRACT is for _______________breeding season beginning ____________and ending_____________, entered on ____200__, between Mohawk Creek Paint & Quarter Horses, Dave and Shary Straits, "Breeder", and designated "Mare Owner" ____________________. Mare Owner agrees to breed mare : Registration # and name:_______________________, for a stud fee of $__________, (paid to Breeder) for  _______ breeding to Kahles War Dream for a live color foal subject to:

STALLION BREEDING FEE: Non-refundable breeding fee of $_________,  payable with signed contract, balance paid for the balance of the stallion fee of $_________ due when mare is picked up. Mare owner may not remove mare until all expenses are paid in full. There will be no return privileges after two consecutive breeding seasons if the mare does not settle for any reason.

MARE CARE: Breeder agrees to provide facilities/care/feed of mare/foal while in his custody. Mare Owner agrees to pay Breeder Mare Care of $_____per day mares, $_____ per day mares with foals. Breeder will exercise judgement in care of mare and foal. Breeder will examine mare for normal breeding conditions and administer care for mare and foal. All vet expenses for mare and foal if any to be paid by Mare Owner. It is agreed that should mare miscarry or about after leaving the Breeder's premisis, Mare Owner has return privileges with same mare, through ________________, or following year ___________ through_______________. Mare Owner agrees to ultra-sound mare between 14-17 days after Last Breeding Date and notify Breeder of pregnancy status by licensed veterinarian before rebreeding.

MARE CONDITION: The Mare Owner shall agree that the mare should be in healthy & sound breeding condition, halter broke and without shoes, free from infectious, contagious, or transmittable disease. Current negative coggins, copy of registration papers (both sides), health certificate, and immunization record should accompany mare.

BREEDER: Agrees to diligently try to settle mare: however, if mare fails to settle, for any reason, Mare Owner will hold Breeder blameless. Mare Owner agrees to give Breeder ample time to settle mare. Breeder shall have sole discretion in the method of breeding the mare. There will be no live color foal guarantee for any mare not having been checked safe in foal by a licensed equine veterinarian within 45 days of last breeding date and reported to Mohawk Creek Paint & Quarter Horses, Dave & Shary Straits. 

LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE: A live color foal is described as a newborn foal, which stands & nurses within 24 hours of birth and meets APHA Regular Registry requirements for color. If the foal is born dead or dies within 24 hours, there are return privileges only if the Breeder is notified in writing within 7 days from veterinarian's statement confirming death & reason for death. Mare Owner must certify that such abortion or death did not result from any act of omission of Mare Owner subsequent to mare's departure from Mohawk Creek Paint & Quarter Horses. 

BREEDER'S CERTIFICATE: Mare Owner  to provide Breeder with photograph of foal & notify Breeder when foal is born to request certificate. It is issued by APHA to stud owner and mailed to Mare Owner when expenses are paid and mare has produced a live foal. Non-assignable & non-transferable. If the mare is sold, dies or is disposed of prior to birth, "Live Color Foal Guarantee"  is no longer valid. No substitute mares. 

DEATH OF STALLION: It is further agreed that should above named stallion die or become unfit for service, the Mare Owner may breed to another stallion owned by Mohawk Creek Paint & Quarter Horses, Dave & Shary Straits that is approved by both Mare Owner & Stallion Owner.

NO LIABILITY: Both parties agree that Mohawk Creek Paint & Quarter Horses, Dave & Shary Straits, employees, veterinarians, guests or animals in care of Mohawk Creek Paints & Quarter Horses, Dave & Shary Straits and any person associated with Breeder is not liable for death, sickness, and/or accident including consequential damages caused to mare or foal; Mare Owner is not liable for same caused to stallion. Contract is entered in the State of Ohio, interpreted, enforced under Ohio Law, representing entire agreement between parties. No other implied agreements are included unless stated. When Mare Owner & Breeder sign contact, it is bound and subject to above terms/conditions. 

SIGN & DATE- MARE OWNER____________________________________________.
SIGN & DATE- STALLION OWNER_________________________________________
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