These are the item longest in demand. I have been making them since 1987. Copper is chosen as the metal that best conducts energy. Turquoise is for protection. The ancient symbol of the spiral represents the journey of life, returning us to spirit. The arrow is for true direction as well as for protection. The pentagram represents the elements (earth, air, water, fire) which together with spirit, symbolize health and well-being. A heart of some sort is always included that you may find love along the way. The I Ching coin is for vision and wisdom as well as prosperity. The sixth copper wire carries a symbol that varies -- it could be a fetish, acorn, feather, bells, or other talisman -- I always invite the whispered inspiration of intuition to lead the way.

Adorn yourself with the healing energy of the natural world. Found pieces -- sticks and stones and bones -- are intuitively combined with seeds, copper, animal fetishes, and precious stones to create a variety of energetic necklaces, lariats and pendants. I'm happy to work with a customer's vision creating one of a kind pieces for ceremony, milestones and special occasions.

Traveling Talismans were first created for my children to bless and protect their vehicles. They are designed to hang from the rear view mirror and include a variety of intentional symbols: 
  • Spirals symbolize the highway of life 
  • Turquoise is for protection on the journey 
  • Feathers suggest far-reaching vision enabling the driver to avoid any risk or danger that may lie ahead
  • Cowrie shells are for creative problem solving in the heat of the moment
  • Bells lighten the spirit fostering a calm state of mind as the best protection from road rage
  • PLEASE NOTE: this item can be special ordered