What better way to welcome a baby, celebrate a marriage, recognize a milestone or provide a meaningful gift for an anniversary, graduation, new home, career or vehicle than to order something that takes into consideration personal taste, occasion, and biographical data?

The SWEETGRASS WREATH is a favorite for housewarmings!
Traditionally, the wreath is hung over a doorway as a protective symbol assuring that no evil can enter. Whoever is welcomed by the homeowners is showered with blessings of friendship and goodwill. Your wreath can be designed with your special intent using a variety of feathers and colors.
A personalized card explaining its purpose is included with all special orders.

GOURD VESSELS have long been a meaningful gift of choice.
Gourds are thought to be mankind's oldest cultivated plant.
Their use predates pottery. They are practical, durable,
mystical, magical, musical and open to artistic expression.
They symbolize the fertile, protective womb from which all blessings flow.
They contain the seeds of future promise thus are
a gift of choice to mark life's important milestones.
The KIVA GOURD, pictured top left holds a LADDER OF LIFE.
It emerges from the place of birth to enable the task of ascent,
each rung representing a lesson to be learned on life's journey.
Circling the gourd is my own version of the Navajo Beauty Way Blessing.
As a vessel of potential it holds seeds and can be further personalized
when YOU include your own charms of special significance.

NOTE: "THE LADDER OF LIFE"  may be ordered separately.

 DREAM CATCHERS are always in stock
and may be ordered for special occasions.


Birds in flight inspire our spirits to soar!
Flying high, they provide far-reaching vision, allowing us a
glimpse of how the pieces of our lives fit together. Feathers,
in their extrodinary beauty and variety, suggest liberation from
earthly cares and are useful in easing stress and restoring balance.
Feather fans are used in ceremony by native peoples together with
cleansing/blessing herbs such as sage and sweetgrass which, when
burned, symbolize our prayers. As the smoke rises, the fan lifts our
prayers to our Creator, filling us with humility and gratitude.