I hope you've enjoyed your visit to Loon's Moon Art. The work you've seen is immediately available; I welcome your inquiry should you be interested in purchasing a piece or talking with me about a custom design order. I look forward to working with you and bringing your ideas to life.


Custom Order for a Special Milestone

Please provide the following information:

Item ordered: (Gourd Vessel, Ladder of Life, Traveling Talisman, Dream Catcher, Sweet Grass Wreath, Feather Fan, Talismanic Jewelry) 

Intended Occasion: (Birth, Marriage, Career, Retirement, Croning, House-warming, Healing,etc.)

Occasion's Date:

Full name of person(s) for whom the item is intended:

Birth date of person(s) who will receive the gift: (the birth date(s) provide an intuitive impression of the person(s) for whom the item will be crafted; it inspires the colors and materials used in embellishment)

Thank you! This information allows me to create and personalize the item you intend to gift for a particular occasion or milestone. A personal card will be included describing the artist's vision and your intention.