Grins:  All animals. Wild and domestic. Water. Lakes, oceans. rivers. The color yellow. Only landscapes, flowers and animals in paintings.
Frowns: Clowns, and paintings of people. I don't paint people and don't buy any thing with people on it.
Tidbits: I am 61. My husband and I have a business. Our 9 year old grandson lives with us.  We have many animals. A siberian husky, a wolf hybrid, 2 Iguanas, 2 gerbils, a tank full of fish.

Grins: Popcorn, Rich earthy colors,Black and white, Thrift Store browsing, Adornments/embellishments (from thrift stores, garage sales, etc.),  ...anything scavenged for gourds, Music, Wild Iris, Coffee/espresso 
Frowns: Decoupage gourds, Foo-foo florals, Pastels, Telephones on cemetery arrangements (ok, so I'm weird), Snakes/frogs/lizards/fish, Glittered objects 

Grins: flowers, Santa, scenery, brown tones, green tones, burgandy & black 
Frowns: red - yellow - gremlins - modern art - bugs n spiders 
Tidbits: Hobby = painting & crafting. Married to same honey 46 3/4 yrs.!! 3 grown sons, 3, newly retired. Allergic to most perfumes.

Grins: Surprises and gourd friends. Mauves, blues and or natural colors , off whites and black. Santa Claus, coiling, southwestern, kaleidoscopes, rain sticks, wreaths, raku, birdhouses, pyography, flowers, natural items, birds, animals, baskets, bowls, Christmas ornaments, Christmas decorations or other holidays, shells, painted 
items, dyed, stained or carved........anything and everything gourd. 
Frowns: Garish or too bright colors. 

Grins: Natural gourd backgrounds, Pyrography, Flowers, American Indian & Aztec designs, Earthy Colours, Santa's, a little whimpsey stuff. I really appreciate whatever is sent to me, when it comes from the creative heart. 
Frowns: Very vibrant colours, Spiders, Cats, Scary monsters, Gremlins & Goblins, dinosaurs. 

Grins: purple, rainbows, oceans, dolphins, the smell of fresh rain, walking in grass, children laughing, pierced ears jokes, pranks, oregon, fishing life, my dad, flowers, smells, bubble baths, water, water, water 
Frowns: loud mouth people, snakes, mud, someone not having anything good to say....meaning always negative. chopping wood 
Tidbits: I live in oregon, have 3 children, grown, 4 grandchildren, husband works for the movie industry and when not doing that he drives truck. I work at a rebab center, staffing and restorative cord. certified nurse assistant, gourds, fishing, reading, children, hiking, camping, bead stuff, learning to paint, talking on the phone, life is pretty good to me and there is not much I don't like. 

DAR in NJ,
Grins: I like the color blue and I like to do all kinds of crafts, especially painting wood and of course gourds. I also like to help people that are sick. 
Frowns:  I don't like bugs, I don't drink or smoke 
Tidbits:  I've lived in NJ for about 16 years, grew up in Phila. I have been doing wood painting for about 16 years. Just got introduced to the fun of gourds. I was a professional cake decorator for about 10 years or more, I have volunteered in the recovery room of a hospital in Phila. I like spending most of my time doing crafts and doing craft shows, where I get to talk to many crafter friends. 

Grins: miniature anything's, jewelry, earth tones, flowers, animals, angels. For jewelry, I don't have any real preferences. I do have pierced ears and a small wrist. Anything is okay, though. 
Frowns: really large gourds, primary colors, witches, goblins & Halloween type things 
Tidbits: I'm raising 2 of my 13 grandchildren - both teenagers (HELP!). I have 2 dogs, 1 cat, and 17 birds. I am active in my church - singing in the choir among other things, and can't wait to retire and spend my days playing with gourds, grandkids and my great-grandson.

Grins: birdhouses/feeders -- sports -- flamingoes (they're just so tacky, you gotta love them) --- hummingbirds -- bluebirds -- the beach -- I like lots of things that show a person's creativity! 
Frowns: warty gourds -- jewelry

Grins: When it comes to exchanges, I am not picky, I love whatever is sent to me. I guess if I got really picky on design, I do love fairies and flowers, dragonflies and butterflies. 
Frowns: I don't care for dragons or wizards and that kind of stuff. 
Tidbits: My home decor is just mixed up with things I like. I'm single with a dog and cat. No kids. 

Grins: My fav colors burgundy and green. I love antiques, old Victorian style and Greek decor.  I collect pandas but love all animals! Don't really care for yellow or orange but they're ok when necessary for a design. I have grapes and grapevines in my kitchen- kind of an Olive Garden look
Frowns: southwest design, modern chrome and black lacquer look, not into seashells or nautical themes although I love colorful fish! 
Tidbits:  I've been working with gourds for a few years now.  I was going to college for an art degree but had to quit to care for my terminally ill father and haven't gone back to finish.  I love animals!  I enjoy my little farm here in Texas with turkeys, geese, ducks, pigmy goats, fantail pigeons, red golden pheasants, rabbits, and various breeds of chickens.  I'm married with 3 great kids!

Grins: Birdhouses,  flowers, anything Victorian style,  Santa,  Fairies, shades of burgundy and green, spiritual,  practically anything... 
Frowns: Gremlins, goblins,  spiders, snakes, mushrooms, orange, brown, bright yellow, anything relating to satan 
Tidbits: 2 daughters, 1 son - all grown, 6 fantastic grandchildren, enjoy gardening, belong to local Herb Society, avid crafter, painter, sewer, handworker... 

Grins: Colors, bright (not pastel), Earrings--Clips, Necklace -- choker or long long, Bracelet --  wrist size 6 1/4 " - 6 1/2", Pins -- large, small, no bugs, etc.not too large please, Barrettes: small, medium, large don't need them (if someone makes them for me, I would prefer small) 
Frowns: Halloween things

Grins: the color red, grandchildren elves and fairies, HGTV---design and garden shows. I collect plants, frogs (NOT live), Japanese "nippon ware" in the lovely luster colors, and gourds others have crafted. I love Victorian children's books and postcards, and pictures of fairies. I am really into archeology---particularly that of Egypt, native Americans (of all regions) and south American (Maya, Aztec, etc.) I am a gardening fool---and don't care much for grass, so most of my yard is "wild". Favorite theme? whatever the gourd says to do! Favorite flower? I have too many "favorites", but I truly love the morning glory, and the hummingbirds that usually come with them. 
Frowns: sushi (even very good sushi---what those who like it tell me is good--- I think it's the seaweed); petty complaints about other people; sloppy craftsmanship on gourds (uncleaned interiors if cut, unsanded edges); least favorite color is brown--but I really don't dislike any color. I do not particularly care for very "cute" country--- I like" folk art" country! 

Grins: Collect Native American art. Love anything wildlife, no favorite color. Some colors or shades just strike me one way or another. Love flowers and landscapes. 
Frowns: Don't like snakes or spiders. 
Tidbits: Married to the #1 guy. Live on a small acreage in Nebraska, Lover of parrots and an ex-breeder. Gourds-I've only had time to do a few.

Grins: Southwest, Native American Indian, Cactus, shades of rust, turquoise and coral. Love the color black. Purple is my fav color. Feathers. Wolves, Cats, lizards. Earrings:pierced; Necklace:long; Bracelet:wrist size 9; NO Pins; Barrettes: LOVE THEM size: large
Frowns: spiders, abstract art, real busy or loud patterns
Tidbits: married 10 yrs. to my high school sweetheart; my Mom is my best friend; one sister; 6 cats; 2 dogs; love to work in my large cacti and succulent garden; born 8/11/71; love to cross-stitch, paint, craft, woodwork, sew, bead, Love my corvette, very thankful to have what I have and be who I am!
GOURDESSA (Nancy Y. Hardesty),

Grins: I love roses and lilies. My favorite colors are dusty rose, black, purple, burgundy or any combination of these colors as well as Gold embossing or foils. Not a blue fan but do like it in patriotic themes. Windchimes and birdhouses are my favorite garden decorations, but I like anything that is whimsical... I love anything that is americana or patriotic. I don't wear barrettes. I do like pins and long necklaces. No chokers... I collect Nutcrackers and teapots and gourds, of course! I love decorative painting, fine art and gourds (naturally!) I enjoy writing and creating new things. All Gourds are my favorites
Frowns: Pornography, Yahoo anything, road hogs, pokemon, whiners and tattletales. (off color jokes are fun but not if they harm others)
Tidbits: I am happily married to Bob and we have been together for almost 35 years. We have one daughter and one grandson. I was born in Midland Ontario Canada and moved to US when I was nine. I met my husband when I was 15 and it was love at first sight. ;-) Midland has many beautiful murals by Fred Lenz who has passed away but his memory is on many buildings in that town.

Grins : Gourds, earth tones, southwest themes, natural trims
Frowns - None
Tidbits - married, retired, one daughter but no grandchild, music and gourds are my main hobbies, one very senior cat. 

Grins: Elephants, Southwest Art, Native American Art, Geometric designs, earth tones, Nature 
Frowns: Gourds that are all covered up and no longer look like gourds. 
Tidbits: Married to a wonderful man who has two children presently away at college. My child is an eight year old black lab (Sadie) that goes everywhere with me and three cats (Sammy, Jessie, Snuggles). We travel a lot, live in the middle of 5 totally wooded very rustic acres and have a condo on the beach in Destin Florida. Currently working on creating a studio for gourd art classes in a section of Olde Town Eureka, MO. 

Grins: Simple, but elegant. No loud colors. Natural embellishments. Greens, Blues, Browns. Hearts. Coiling. 
Frowns: Gaudy colors. Sparkly stuff (except metallic). Pink. Orange. Yellow. Painted flowers. 
Tidbits: After 2 marriages, I finally found the love of my life, Bill. We share a life together. I have two grown (?) boys. The other love of my life: Freedom, my black standard poodle. Vietnam veteran.

Grins: Gourds of all types(imagine that!), music, gardening & flowers, animals especially cats & swans, woodland critters, birds, giraffes, dolphins, butterflys. Prefer gourds with natural themes or embellishments but a little whimsey or folk art is good too. Like woodburning, detailed painting with shading, carving, embellishments, cut work and sculpture, etc.
Frowns: Spiders and creepy bugs (absolutely none!) Large areas of flat color. Too much yellow, orange or green.
Cartoon and "cutesy" stuff (except Snoopy and Mickey) Boy stuff: like violent computer games and sports 
Tidbits: Grew up on a farm in northwest Ohio, been married since the early 70's, have 2 children. I don't wear earrings, am a small person only about 5 ft.& 105 lbs. so I prefer jewelry that is not too big. Not really into masks but think an animal one would be neat. Like inspirational things and think God is the most creative and best artist of all.

Grins: I do like most things especially if they are home made..I love the southwestern look and earthy colors
Frowns: I don't like folk art too much. 
Tidbits:  I love flowers, stained glass which I make when I have the time. I love to decorate and have a degree in it. I love to find "found " objects and turn them into something totally different!  I love to bake bread! I'm easy to please with just about anything made from the heart....  :-) 

Grins: animals, earth colors, wacky things, purple, polar bears, turtles, horses, turkeys, mother and child earth type things, all kinds of gourds, large or small.
Frowns: not many....too much red....... 
Tidbits: I have 3 boys, and 3 step-daughters and 1 step-son. I raise turkeys and chickens, and organic veggies and blue berries and this year some beautiful dh is a wood cutter, among his many talents...he grows the garden also and loves ping pong....we are prettymuch back to nature type people. 

Grins: anything natural (flowers/plants) or animal-am a cat lover and collect polar bear items but will like any animal or bird. Love Celtic and other historic decorations, but also deeply appreciates anything different than what I do! 
Frowns: monsters, gory things and cartoon characters 

Grins: I like anything that has to do with nature. I like natural colors and Western, Indian or southwestern themes. I like animals 
Frowns:  I have no particular dislikes 

Grins: nature, greens and blues, hot air balloons. 
Frowns: drab or gaudy anything. 
Tidbits: 60 something. happily married to fantastic man. love photography, flowers and anything where the phone doesn't ring and the TV is off. 

Grins: different kinds of rims finishes, wood burned design. 
Frowns: Southwest designs and the pink and blue of it.

Grins: Southwestern things, Jewelry, Deep Colors (plum, Terra cotta, navy etc..) Sunflowers, Precious Moments, pewter things, crystals, turquoise, deer, wicker and rattan, children & babies :) Celtic things, Country stuff. any gemstones :} Birdhouses, and Christmas! 
Frowns: Halloween spooks, spiders & snakes the obvious gross stuff..??? Not fond of Halloween.. 
Tidbits: Married to Tom (May 31, 1998) My B-day is in May. I have 2 grown kids 23 & 24 yrs and twins Born 5-29-99,,,,Live in rural Ark, close to town, but A Hoosier at heart :) Have 4 grandkids. Love to decorate, gourd and make jewelry (esp. bracelets and wire sculpting) Have a auto trim & upholstery shop. Breast Cancer survivor of 11 years. Like to sew and paint when time allows. Love gardening, when weather cooperates. We Camp a lot. I love the SUN! :) My house is decorated in Terra cotta/floral/dark wood carvings in Living Room, Apples & red & gold in Kitchen,,,,Plum & sunsets & palm trees in Bathroom, Black & hunter bedroom, bamboo & Bird of paradise,,,,I guess that's enough!! 
KAREN in Alaska, MI,

Grins: bright & bold colors ( Red and Black are my favorites), critters of all kinds but cats most of all. 
Frowns: pink and pastels 

Grins: Nature, wildlife, patriotic, dogs & cats, southwest, natural or bold colors. 
Frowns: Snakes (even if their fake), pastel colors. 
Tidbits: Married 14 years. No children. We have one very spoiled yorkie/westie mix dog. His name is Bubba. We live in a small town in Michigan. I like to garden, read, craft and spend quiet time at the lake. 

Grins: I love to get an exchange that shows a technique I haven't done on my own pieces. I love flowers, animals, lighthouses, ocean, color. I like design if I am told what it means. I like the Exchange to arrive early or at least on time. 
Frowns: A piece that doesn't follow the title of the exchange. A piece that doesn't look like someone did their best to make it neat. I do not like the exchange to be late without an important reason 

Grins: I love flowers of all kinds-never met a flower I didn't like. Deep dark colors: burgundy, purple, hunter. Will be redoing livingroom in purple this winter. Living in the country so I can enjoy nature. Reading is my passion, crafting my hobby-that I make a dab of money from at local shows. 
Frowns: Hate people who are phony in any way, hot weather-winter is so much better as far as how I feel and how much energy I have. But then I'd miss my flowers!!! 
Tidbits: Have raised gourds many years, just to decorate with-as in a bowlful here and there on wreaths. Since joining the group, my interest has expanded to actually crafting gourds. Not proud enough to show any yet, but practicing all the time!!!! 

Grins: autumn colors, primitives, pine needles and reed weavings, anything natural 
Frowns: completely covering a gourd with paint (I just love the look of a natural gourd), anything radical or way too contemporary, cool colors 
Tidbits: Live on a lake, enjoy nature, married with 2 teenage sons, self-employed (it gets a little lonely out here all alone....), am a weaver (baskets and fiber), rug hooker and watercolorist, and do a little stained glass on the side. 

Grins: Nature subjects, Farming themes, Southwestern themes, Outdoorsy colors, Santa ornaments, Victorian florals, Cutesy, happy faces, Anything "horse" related. 
Frowns: Garrish colors, Contempory styles, Scary faces 
Tidbits: Live in Texas, like Texas art. Have a gourd farm also, really mainly, grow rice and soybeans. 51 years old or young, depending on how the day is going! ;o) Married to a farmer, two grown children. Like the outdoors and flower gardening. Fall is my favorite season. 

Grins: Colors: Purple, aqua, pink, blue, earth tones; Flowers: Gourd flower, lilies, sunflowers; Landscapes: oceans, mountains, deserts 
Frowns: Bugs; ticks, spiders, mice, rats, snakes.... yucky!! 
Tidbits: Love anything to do with Native American (I'm part Cree & Ojibwa); married; 3 grown daughters; 6 GRAND grandkids. Born and raised in Alberta, Canada; married and moved to Oahu, Hawaii where I lived for 10 years before moving to San Diego. At 50 I found my birthmother, in Alberta, Canada and at 52 my birth father in New South Wales Australia! We had several great reunions before my father passed away 2 years ago. I've been gourding for almost 3 years. About 8 months of that time I was on sabbatical from gourding as we moved from a 1 bedroom condo in San Diego, CA to Goochland, VA. We are now living in a house that shares 100+ acres with a couple of other houses...we still haven't seen the other houses in the 11 months we've lived here...that's how secluded we are! Loving it!!! 

LINDA WHITLEY, Quitman Arkansas,
Grins: Anything Blue, baby animals, the ocean and fantasy art or books.
Frowns: any thing Halloween, doing less than your best, porn. 
Tidbits: I had polio and ride around in my scooter all day at home. I love creating anything be it art or poem or short stories I just like making something that wasn't there before for someone else to enjoy. I have a wonderful husband and a son who is Maj in the Airforce and a daughter who is in Nursing school and 6 grandkids. I own a craft consignment shop.

Grins: Peanut butter cookies homemade are my absolute weakness. :) 

Grins: God, Babies, Cows, Green viney things, books, vibrant jewel-tone colors, and original "I never-would-have-thought-of-that Art! 
Frowns: This is hard...I think I would say just about anything "dark". 
Tidbits: Almost 40! Happily married for 17 years, four kids, foster parent for newborns, woodburner for many many years, but new to gourds. It is now my passion! Getting more adventurous in my "old" age ...trying new things is my hobby. Snowboarding, hot air ballooning, running in races, etc......I'm on a roll here! :) 

Grins: I love cold weather, rainy and cloudy days. Our grandchildren are my life's best joy.....well, DH is too.....I miss my tulips and peonies I grew in our yard in Illinois 30 years ago......Styles ? hmm, mostly country..... French country, American Alabama country where I grew up, log cabin, and go-to-camp- and -stay -in- the-lodge- instead-
of- the -stuffy- hot- tent country....and yes, that can all be translated into home decor but on the European side to echo my DH's heritage....wood floors,. stone walkways... I like hot chocolate to drink & a gingersnap to dunk in my blue stoneware mug and a fresh apple and a new book.... I really enjoy my clothing and jewelry which have heart designs on them. Gospel praise, Cajun, Enya, dulcimer, and Christmas carols make up the list of favorite music. Blues and reds in every tint and shade make their way into every part of my life. I love walking on the beach - in the WINTER !! Seeing someone else smile at need being met unexpectedly..old romantic movies like An Affair to Remember. My 4:00 flowers when they open early on a cloudy day and make the whole yard fragrant. 
Frowns: writing too much under Grins/Frowns....heh heh.... I cannot abide hot sun...the heat or glare.....the huge spiders that live in FL... pine tree sap on the windshield of my car.....a week without grandchildren hugs or voices on phone......16 boxes in front of the closet holding hostage the exact material I need NOW......bright ellows-oranges make my eyes hurt and my soul too, they are ok in small doses in public or someone else's house or in art work which has someontrast......when a new book sets up andevelops the story and forgets to tie up all the loose ends.....staying up late on the computer having fun and then can't wake up the next day 
on time.. !!!!!! 

Grins: Nature items, pyrography, weaving, painting, any thing that pertains to a gourd, I like it all!!!!!REALLY 
Frowns: If there was no thought or effort involved, just thrown together to get it over with, especially if the person does good work. It hurts my wittle feelings..sob... 
Tidbits: Married 40 yrs. have 3 kids, & 5 "G" kids, Naturalist & animal lover without a pet. No allergies.

Grins: I'm pretty easy to please. I do like Country, the Rustic Farmhouse stuff. Reds and earthy tones are my favorite colors. Jewelry : pierced earrings and bracelets. 
Frowns: cutesy Ducky stuff, no lace and frills. 
Tidbits: I have three Chihuahuas.  My family room kitchen and dining room all have rustic 40's/50's decor. Also the Bathroom has Clawfoot tub with accessories.
MOLLY MAHNKE (spindlerat),

Grins: cows; teacup & saucers; teapots; country reds/blues/creams decor; Jim Shore's Heartwood Creek angels/santas; rats (yes! rats! We have 10 pet rats!); garden decorations; coffee; chocolate; RED!; all colors (see previous); birdhouses (indoor or outdoor); candles (no floral scents, cinnamon, spice, coffee);
Frowns: gruesome, gory, icky monsters and such; spiders; 
Tidbits: I have been married to Ed for 17 years. We have four beautiful children. I love to paint murals, second hand items, gourds, furniture. I was also introduced to soap making last year and just love it! Also, spindle spinning (spindling) is a passion. Right now I am the Interim Music Leader at our church. My daughters and I are learning Sign Language together. That about sums me up!
MUG (Margaret Schroeder,)

Grins: Favorite gourd--mini's & Martin house; Flower--Pansy; Color--dark purple. I love natural things. I collect snowmen, Collect ornaments, and FROGS.  like Herbal teas and herbal soaps. Bathe with dollar store luffa. LOVE:DARK CHOCOLATE 
Frowns: Gold and silver metallic paint covered things. Don't care for pink or yellow that much. 

Grins: Like to collect anything with garden themes on it. My favorite colors are Earth colors. Like to grow big gourds to make birdfeeders. Like all kinds of flowers 
Frowns: very bright neon colors, 1960's stuff, big gaudy stuff 

Grins: I am just delighted to receive anything related to gourds. I like all techniques. Coiling or weaving would really please me. 
Frowns: I am not hard to please. 
Tidbits: I have been making birdhouses and feeders for about 2 years now. Most I have painted, have done some carving and just a few with pyroengraving. This year started doing baskets, bowls,etc. I am married, 22 years, no kids, but three female Shih Tzu's. 

Grins: gourd containers 
Frowns: birdhouses 

Grins: leaves, angels, hummingbirds, gourds (espec. bushel, canteen and martin bird house kinds), light earth-tone colors and Arizona in the Fall, Winter and Spring. My favorite holiday is the 4th of July and I cry every time patriotic songs are sung. 
Frowns: my kids when they start whining, Arizona summers, neon colors, and the giant dust balls floating around my house from my Golden Retrievers (if anyone thinks they could use them for gourd decorations, weave them into useful doilies or any other use email me, I have an unending supply to offer LOL) 

Grins: Chokers or necklace is GREAT. Pierced ears. Love Bracelets ... I love all earthy colors
Frowns:  No Barretts..I have short hair. 

Grins: Cats and most animals; humor; environmentalism; jigsaw puzzles; ancient history and lost civilizations; gemtones, earthtones, and shades of red; unusual and unique gourd vessels; woven gourds. Jewelry preferences: Earthtones, gold or turquoise (don't care for silver); pierced earrings; large barrettes (I have long, thick hair); large or small pins; not fondof necklaces and only wear small, delicate bracelets, not thick bands
Frowns: Pastel colors and most shades of blue. --- I am severely allergic to gourd dust and mold, and constantly looking for new safeguards. 
Tidbits: Also known as The Hoosier Gourdmother, I am a writer, artist and marketing consultant by profession. Single since 1978, one beautiful daughter who is an opera singer. I live in a large, historic Indiana home with 8 cats, 1 dog, 1 rabbit, 1 bird and 2 sugar gliders.

Grins: Gourds, Horses, Nature, Woodburning, jewel tone colors, hummingbirds, fantasy, Pillsbury Doughboy, cottages, Bluebonnets. 
Frowns: Neon colors, Spooky items 
Tidbits: This finds me 52 years young, recently divorced, 3 daughters, 3 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. I am new to Arkansas - a Texan born and bred. Lived in a city of 200,000 for 25 years until a year ago. Now live in the country on top of a beautiful hill, overlooking a stream and valley. Computer Fanatic and Website Designer. 

Grins: earthtones, or SW motif, Flowers, landscapes, I really like just trees. I think they are magnificient. 
Frowns: Frogs, Gremlins, spiders, goblins. 
Tidbits: Live in Arizona. I am married for the last 38 years & have two grown children & five grandbabies.... They are the light of my life!!!!!!! We have lived in Tucson for about a year & a half. 

Grins: Chocolate, Blues and purples, flowers, Santas, ducks, birds, animals, snowmen and of course gourds of any shape. Earrings = pierced. Necklaces = 24" or longer; wrist size= 7 inches; pins = any kind. 
Frowns: spiders and snakes, creepy stuff. My hair is too short for barretts, besides my niece and granddaughters would wind up wearing it.
Tidbits: Self employed mother of 3 grown children and I have 2 granddaughters. I started gourding in 1999 and got serious last year. Now work interfers with my gourding. 

Grins: Southwest designs, animals,Santas, Angels, landscapes. Natural colors. 
Frowns: Country cute, baby blue, pink 
Tidbits: Married 20yrs. 2 red headed daughters, ages 18 &12. I have 3 chihuahuas, a chow chow, 2 cats. I love the Southwest and hope to move to AZ in the future. 

Grins:  Well, I really like everything. I just love gourds and anything creative done with them. -- My ears are pierced.
Frowns:  Satan things. 
Tidbits:  I live on a lake and I am doing my living room in Fishing Decor. My bath in Moose and Kitchen in Apples. 

Grins: FLOWERS AND PLANTS (avid gardener) Santa, especially Father Christmas. ANIMALS. Gourd grower. Do home dec sewing. anything tropical, Bright colors, metallics, naturals, MASKS 
Frowns: beige and brown. Halloween , except cute pumpkins. 
Tidbits: finally married to high school sweetheart :) 1 daughter who lives in Colorado. Love all critters, crafts, anything creative and living :) 

Grins: Anything to do with the red, white and blue. Santa's, birds, woodburned gourds, rimmed gourds, just about anything gourd-wise. Love to garden and love to find different seeds and plants. Like to play with paper clay. 
Frowns: No dislikes except Bill & Hillary 
Tidbits: Married for 28 years to a man with a wonderful sense of humor. 4 children, 2 boys 2 girls. 2 grandkids that give life meaning. 2 old english sheepdogs, that I do NOT love more than my 2 legged children, and a rat terrier. I have a son in the marines. We farm in S. MN.
SUSAN (So. Indiana) 

Grins: I love almost all colors with blue being my favorite. Favorite themes are Patriotic and Santa. Favorite flower is Sunflower. Next favorite flower is Lantana. Favorite gourds are Martin and Apple. collect minatures and sunflowers 
Frowns: I do not like the color black. Flower I do not like is Iris 
Tidbits: Married 22 1/2 yrs, I have a 15 yr daughter. Been employed at the same place for 30 yrs. No known allergies except to gourd dust (which has given me adult onset asthma) Favorite perfume is Eternity. 

Grins: Intense colors, natural things like minerals/stones/shells. Geometric designs. I like necklaces, pins.  Bracelets are cool too! In other words, just about anything if it does not involve piercing :-) 
Frowns: Cutsy stuff like wide eyed puppies/cats/kids. Country Kitsch. I don't wear earrings.
Tidbits: Live with fiance and 1 dog, border collie mix named Huckleberry and 2 cats, 1 Fat, 1 Crazy - in personality, not name :-)

Grins: Santa's & Snowmen, Teddy Bears, Fall colors & pumpkins, Farm related themes, Gourd baskets & ornaments, birdhouses 
Frowns: host & Goblins & witches , John Deere Stuff, landscape scenes, not much into florals 
Tidbits:  Married 14 years with one 10 year old son. I live on 31 acre farm in an old farm house. Love painting. Trying to grow gourds. 

Grins: Favorite colors are; blues, Greens (darker shades) Purples, pinks (mostly the cool colors) :) I love animals, Flowers, landscapes, Southwest stuff, anything to do with nature, Christian stuff. I love the outdoors. Gardening (growing about anything, especially GOURDS!) (Grin). Working with my hands. Woodburning & Carving on my gourds. I collect unique candles. Oil candles are my fav. Shoot, I like lots of stuff. I have very eclectic tastes. LOL and I do not have a "theme" for the decor in my house. :) (which drives a good friend of mine nuts I might add. LOL.) Colors--No yellows or oranges, except as a highlight??? Earrings: = pierced; Necklace: Prefer choker, but long is ok too. Bracelet: wrist size = actual size is 6 3/4 inches. Pins: large, small, no bugs please. Barrettes: small and medium 
Frowns: I don't like; solid yellows and oranges. used sparingly. Ok. :) I don't like being cooped up in the house all winter! Oh, I Hate spiders!!!!! Gee there isn't much I don't like I guess. Except those two colors & Spiders. LOL 
Tidbits: I'm 45, live alone except for 4 cats, 2 dogs, and two birds. Had horses all my life until last year when I finally sold my two-- had my Gelding 18 years. I'm a professional hairdresser & nail tech. Oh, and I just joined a wood carvers club. No gourd clubs around here. :( I am driving my friends nuts talking about gourds.:) :) :) Maybe I can get someone in the carving club interested? then I can talk to them. LOL... 

Grins:  anything with natural embellishments (eg stones, shells, pine needles, philo leaves, odd florals, even beads!), - Southwest or primitive, Celtic or Oriental designs,  stained, burned, sculpted, cutouts, carved, painted (If painted, my favorites are nature scenes like flowers or farms or animals),  birdfeeders, birdhouses, rainsticks, food safe bowls or utensils, earrings, barrettes,  cats, dragons, dinosaurs, lions, gargoyles, pink flamingos - marankas, cracked gourds and other Weird stuff!!!, anything on, in, or about gourds (books, posters, pictures, postcards, old articles, drawings, stationary, calendars, etc...)  I even enjoy plastic shopping bags used as packing for gourds. LOL 
Frowns: I guess there must be a gourd out there that I don't like, but I don't remember meeting one yet. Well, I guess there's been a few on ebay that were, hmmm, kind of odd.... Ok, if I were pressed, I don't like many of the fat bottle gourds turned into fat people, that I've seen. I'm not a big "cute" Santa fan (though an "old world" style one would be great). Painting supplies wouldn't do me much good, cause I'm pretty hopeless there. <grin> 
Tidbits: Live out in the country in southeast Missouri, have poor soil but am trying to grow a few gourds. Over 50; no (2 legged) children. Married to DH Alex and have 3 stray mutts (blind Ginger, and Barbie and Arian - the barbarian horde!) and 1 stray cat (Cat). Collect international gourds from ebay and favorites from gourd shows I've attended. Also collect barrettes for wearing.

Grins: Love cats & Favorite color Blue but then like almost any color. Can't think of any color I don't really like.I am not hard to please like most anything. 
Frowns: Only thing can think of is live snakes. or dead ones. 
Tidbits: I live in the country in south-central part of MS.I have been married for 31 years and I am 49 years old. I have a 29 year old son. We have 1 inside cat and 1 outside dog. We beef farm for a living and up until grew lots of gourds to play with and sell some. 

Grins:  my favorite things are birds and flowers, animals, southwestern stuff, lighthouses, seascapes. Colors - blues and greens, burgundy and rose, soft shades of almost anything. On the other hand I also like the intense colors I see on many gourds.
Frowns: snakes and spiders, ??
Tidbits: celebrating 51 years marriage this spring to my easy going husband, who encourages me to try new hobbies and buys me the stuff I am too cheap to buy for myself - such as my new Minicraft jigsaw that is on
its way!