Here is a gal who can do everything with gourds! She does detailed pen and ink  drawings. She paints fanciful designs. She makes jewelry and purses. She coils. She weaves. Gourds have invaded every aspect of her life -- even her dog who accompanies her to shows is named "Calabash!" We are very pleased to present Debby Grunden as our featured artist for June!  ...  and we'll let her tell how she got started in in gourd artistry in her own words:

Back in the mid-90's while living in Kentucky I went to an art fair with a friend. While looking through the fair, we came to a booth where a lady from Alabama had gourds. She made bowls and teapots. I became fascinated with them. After going back to work, my friend Peggy gave me some gourds that she had grown and it was fun playing with them. But I wanted to learn more. Shortly after I moved to Indianapolis and started my search for gourds. Little did I know there were societies dedicated to gourds. In the summer of 1999 I found the Indiana Gourd Society. They were having a one day fest in Greencastle, In. I went with a picture of the teapots the lady from Alabama had made determined to learn how to make them. What an exciting day this turned out to be!! I was greeted by the friendliest people I have had the pleasure of becoming friends with. A gentleman took me around and introduced me to the different vendors. He showed me the different types of gourds that could be used for making teapots. I bought many different kinds and was even given gourds. Can you imagine, being given gourds to take home and practice with.  I also signed up and became a member of the Indiana Gourd Society. And so it began!
Purple Haze 
done with Silk Dyes and Danish cording

part of the "Barnyard" series

Here's what Debby has to say about this pen and ink gourd: An interesting thing about the light house, I had it half finished and entered it twice.  It got a first place at the Indiana State Fair and a Second at the Kentucky Gourd Show.  Then I spent another 20 hours on it and entered it in the Indiana Gourd Show and got a first place.  

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Visit Debby's website to see more of her great gourds!